Online Japanese private lesson for Beginner and Intermediate learners

Japanese Lesson


Hello !! I`m Chiyo Yamaguchi (Chiyo). I`m specialized teacher for beginner-intermediate private lessons.

For those who want to be able to speak Japanese with confidence

My lesson is suitable for beginners, those who have passed N5 / N4 and are interested in intermediate level, and those who like to refresh  beginner and intermediate levels.

  1. For those who want to acquire the basic conversation necessary to live in Japan.
  2. For those interested in holding conversations with Japanese-speaking friends and family on various topics.
  3. For learners who are good at paper tests but wants to gain confident in conversation.
  4. For learners who want to enjoy anime and manga.
  5. For students who want to pass the JLPTN5 / N4 / N3.

Lesson fee


Time:9:30-15:30(Japan time)

60 minutes course
  • 5lessons:*20000yen(≒180 USD)
  • 10lessons:*40000yen(≒360 USD)

*tax included

About my lesson

  1. I have 10 years of experience teaching JLPT N5 to N1.  Many of my students have successfully mastered the levels and found jobs because of this skill.
  2. I am able to teach Japanese in an easy-to-understand way and answer your questions.
  3. I provide lessons according to your level and purpose and create assignments.
  4. I have experience in career guidance at a Japanese Private University in Tokyo. I also offer consultations on Japanese vocational schools and universities.
  5. I am a mother of one child. Let me know if you want your child to study Japanese.
  6. Lessons are basically conducted in Japanese.


  • Certified in The Japanese Language Teaching Competency
  • Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Sociology


  • Assistant Professor, in Japanese Language Program, Private University in Tokyo
  • Full-time Lecturer in Japanese Language School in Singapore

Message for you

The zoom consultation and Trial lesson are free.

  • For those who may think Japanese grammar have a lot of conjugations and vocabulary to learn and It is difficult to continue alone.
  • For students who learned the grammar perfectly, but have no chance to speak.
  • For learners who are shy and get nervous when you talk Japanese in the class.

I will give a lesson that is perfect for people like the above


こんにちは。フリーランス日本語教師の山口千代(やまぐち ちよ)です。



  • 日本で生活する上で、基本的な日常会話を身に付けたい人
  • 日本語話者の友人、家族、同僚と様々な話題で会話したい人
  • 文法知識はあり、会話力をさらに上げたい人。
  • 日本のアニメや漫画を楽しみたい人
  •  JLPTN5 / N4 / N3を受験したい人



  • 5回:20000円(≒180 USドル)
  • 10回:*40000円(≒360 USドル)


  • 日本語教師になってから10年の経験があります。JLPTのN5からN1までの知識があります。
  • 学習者のレベル・目的に応じたレッスンを行います。
  • 学習者が言いたい日本語を推測し、適切な文・言葉を教えることができます。
  • 東京の私立大学での進路指導の経験があります。日本の専門学校・大学進学の相談に応じます。
  • 私には1歳の娘がいます。お子さんに日本語を勉強させたいなら、ぜひご相談ください。
  • 授業は基本的に日本語で行います。


  • 日本語教育能力検定試験
  • 慶應義塾大学 文学部 社会学科卒業


  • 東京都内の私立大学・日本語別科・助教
  • シンガポールの日本語学校・専任講師
  • 簡単な英語がわかります。



  • 日本語の活用や語彙が多すぎて、一人では勉強できない。
  • 文法は勉強したが、話すチャンスがない。わからないことをすぐに聞ける先生が欲しい。
  • 恥ずかしがり屋で大人数のクラスは苦手だ。日本語で話すのは緊張する。